Nicola K

Hi Vikki

The dress and cape are beyond what I could have imagined and I have a VERY fertile imagination. I’m amazed. I’m stunned. I’m beyond happy and I’m very VERY grateful to you and Olivia and Kathryn. I know it sounds quite cheesy and cliché and you’ve heard it before, but you really do make people’s dreams come true. I’ve told you before that because of who I am the dress finding and trying on was something I was dreading. It’s supposed to be the best part for a bride isn’t it? I was quite convinced that I was never going to find anything that was going to be ME.

I was convinced that I would have to settle for something that wasn’t really going to be MY perfect wedding dress. I was right. I wasn’t ever going to find it. It didn’t exist. Thanks to you I didn’t find it but had it created for me. How am I ever supposed to make sure that you know exactly what you’ve done for me? You’ve given me exactly what I never thought possible and what I always should have had…the perfect dress for me, in every way. It’s stunning. It’s me. It’s worth every penny and nobody else on this planet is going to have it.