Curtain Dress kafuffle … real bride story by Zara pink shoes !

This is her wedding dress journey !...

“So there I was, beginning to think about my wedding dress. I won’t pretend it was the first time. I’m sure every woman pictures how her dress will look even from being a little girl, doodling pictures of it on scrap bits of paper… (That wasn’t just me right?)

Only problem was, whenever I ‘doodled’ my dress it was always on a lady with a waist the size of a darning needle which my waist certainly is not.

I visited bridal shop after bridal shop and with each one came the same disappointing feeling. A choice of about five plus size dresses, all the same design but some with more bling than others.

I became more and more frustrated at the thought of just having to settle for a frock that quite frankly looked like someone had wrapped a bonny satin curtain around me.

So I decided my imaginary dress just wouldn’t work on my size 24 figure. That was that then, I couldn’t have what I wanted and I had to come to terms with that and I’d have to settle on a ‘curtain dress’.

Mooshki Madness

Then the day came when Mooshki came into my life with a BANG!

I attended bridal gathering at rainton meadows with my husband to be. We walked around the room which was filled with pretty things and the smell of cake. (I just love cake me!)

I noticed a stand at the back of the room with lots of models around it in the most fabulous wedding gowns. Wow!! ‘Those dresses are amazing, really different.’

A very friendly blonde woman in killer heels approached me and asked ‘Are you the bride?’My first thoughts were ‘Is she speaking to me? Those dresses are so not for a fat lass, so why is she asking?’ ‘Erm yes I am but I need to lose a load of weight before I find my dress’ I said. ‘Why?!!’ was her response. ‘Why? because the dress that I want would look ridiculous on me.’

And so the conversation continued. Vikki (The blonde woman ) chatted with me about how, if my dress was made especially for me then it would fit me perfectly and could be made to flatter my ‘figure’…….‘Really? …….So I could really have the dress I’ve always wanted and it won’t look like a curtain?’

I got the chance to sit down and speak with mooshki designer Olivia too who really showed an interest in what I was after and really made me feel like a bride should feel when talking about her dress.

I gave Vikki my contact details and left that place with the biggest smile on my face. Finally I could start to get excited about my frock!

Mooshki HQ

A few days while later I received an email from Vikki to invite me to go along and see her to chat about my dress…..Wow!!!! How exciting?

I took my mam and my maid of honour along with me to see Vikki at Mooshki headquarters where Vikki instantly became my best friend

I love that woman.

From the moment I started talking to her I could tell she knew exactly what she was talking about. I told her what I wanted and took along some pictures of the kind of thing I had in mind. She advised what she thought would look good and what wouldn’t.

Vikki never once made me feel ‘Fat’ or like I was asking for something unthinkable which was how the women in the bridal shops had previously made me feel. She told me to show off my best assets and how to flatter other areas without covering everything up and ending up with a ‘curtain.’ It was great to have found someone who really ‘got’ me.

My Doodle Dress

Now remember how I mentioned doodling my dream dress? Well this was still happening, only now it was real. I was doodling what my dress was actually going to look like.

About a week after visiting Vikki I received the designs of my dress from Olivia………..aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!

It was my doodle, only it was very professional and not drawn with a biro. But it was what I’d always dreamt it would be like and I got to see the material that was going to be used, how the corset would be put together, how many layers of dress net were going to be under the skirt etc etc!!!

I still had 18 months to go until my wedding day but knowing that my dress was going to be perfect made everything else seem effortless.

The next year and a half was fabulous, Vikki and I spoke regularly and I would send her the odd email ‘Can I change the skirt on my frock? I’ve bought the most amazing shoes and I need everyone to be able to see them.’ Vikki’s response was always ‘Sure, no problem. Come over, bring your slippers and we’ll have a cuppa.’ ‘Vikki I think I should scrap the idea of having a belt on my dress, do you think it will make me look bigger?’ ‘Actually I have been thinking about it and I think it may emphasise the parts we are trying to flatter.’ Such a way with words but honest too, exactly what I like.

I was getting married in May so Vikki took my measurements in March and told me my dress would be ready in approx four weeks. True to her word, there was the text message I had been waiting for ‘Your dress is here, want to come and try it?’ Oh my lord this was it, the time had come.

My My My Delilah !!!

With my mam and my maid of honour in tow I went to meet my frock (I later decided to name ‘Delilah’). Vikki introduced me to Nana Mooshki, (Who also became my new best mate ) Nana Mooshki who is amazingly talented and hilariously hilarious does all of mooshki’s alteration work.

I walked into the room where, there it was…….here come the tears. All that worry and stress about ‘Curtain-gate’ just disappeared. I put it on and instantly became a ballerina princess, it was perfect, it was me!

I stood and swished for 45 minutes while my mam and maid of honour said how pretty I looked. This must be how the queen feels when she gets a bonny new hat! Ecstatic! And guess what? I’d lost two inches since my measurements were taken! No problem though, Nana Mooshki got straight on the job.

I couldn’t believe how well it fit, it pulled me in in all the right places AND I didn’t have to wear a bra! This has never been known in all of my adult life ha!! I felt amazing.

Our Wedding Day

The madness was closed behind the door as my mam got me into my dress in the bedroom, the nerves were starting and the excitement blew through me. I stood and looked at myself in Delilah and thought…..By god he’s a lucky man haha!!

The bedroom door was opened and in piled all seven of my bridesmaids who cried as soon as they saw me. ‘You’re dress is amazing Zara’ ‘It’s so you!’

We got to the venue and the registrars came out to see me ‘Wow, Zara that is the most fantastic dress I’ve ever seen.’ How is that for a compliment?

My grandad held my hand as we nervously stood waiting to walk down the aisle. As we started to walk in I heard people saying ‘Aww wow.’ Now I don’t know if it’s just me but this was very surreal, I don’t think anyone has ever said ‘wow’ when I walked into a room before. The most amazing feeling though was seeing the look on my hubby’s face as he saw me. (Baring in mind the previous 18 months had been spent winding him up that my dress was pink with flashy lights and covered in dolly mixtures) He said ‘Your dress is amazing, you look fantastic!’

The whole day was spent talking about my dress as well as the marriage and stuff but mostly about the dress. People said that it was just ‘me’ and how much it flattered my shape.

I had the most amazing day and felt fantastic, the exact way any bride should feel. No matter what shape or size you are don’t just settle for something if it isn’t what you’ve always dreamt of. Don’t cover everything up, if you’ve got them flaunt them I say!

Thank you To Vikki, Olivia and Nana Mooshki for making my dreams come true. You’ve made this jolly fat lass even happier.
Love always Mrs Briggs xxxxx

Thanks to Memories and Emotions for the fabulous photography.