Our NYC Trunk Show

Why do we visit the USA?

We visit twice a year to see American brides who want a short wedding dress but simply can’t find one! We are the market leaders in vintage inspired short tea length wedding dresses and every style is customizable. Our styles are cute and girly and are sought after across the world but the brides in the USA are our biggest fans!

What do I expect from a consultation in NYC?

We always see our brides in the Westhouse in Mid-Town Manhattan between 7th and Broadway. It’s our second home in the city and the staff are like family to us. We will then meet you and bring you upstairs to our suite which is always full of Mooshki dresses. Then the fun part begins!

We’ll discuss your wedding, your plans and what you want from your dress. You can try on our dresses and work out which elements you love and then combine them into a whole bespoke dress. We will guide you along the way and make sure the dress is perfect for your shape and your personality. You will then be sent your official design upon our return to the UK and then your order is in progress.

Simple as that!





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Curtain Dress kafuffle … real bride story by Zara pink shoes !

This is her wedding dress journey !...

“So there I was, beginning to think about my wedding dress. I won’t pretend it was the first time. I’m sure every woman pictures how her dress will look even from being a little girl, doodling pictures of it on scrap bits of paper… (That wasn’t just me right?)

Only problem was, whenever I ‘doodled’ my dress it was always on a lady with a waist the size of a darning needle which my waist certainly is not.

I visited bridal shop after bridal shop and with each one came the same disappointing feeling. A choice of about five plus size dresses, all the same design but some with more bling than others.

I became more and more frustrated at the thought of just having to settle for a frock that quite frankly looked like someone had wrapped a bonny satin curtain around me.


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Real Bride Stories – Laura Docherty and her mum

Wedding News – Real Bride Stories…… Laura Docherty and her mum.
What a treat we have in store for our fabulous readers today. This months newsletter comes from one of our real brides who was married recently.

Laura is a dream bride for any company to work with and was an utter pleasure from start to finish. We are honoured to be able to bring you these fabulous shots of her recent summer wedding here in the North East. Her big day was planned down to perfection and was hosted at As You Like It in Newcastle. – a quirky restaurant that suits Laura’s personality down to a tee.

The photographs are courtesy of Helen Russell Photography and I am sure we will be seeing more from Helen…(who is on her own honeymoon at the moment).

Enjoy and just think….THIS WILL BE  YOU VERY SOON !


Laura’s story…..
‘I’d been wedding dress shopping a few times and nothing was standing out to me. I knew I didn’t want a long dress but there seemed to be nothing else available or nothing right for me in the shops.

It wasn’t until I went to meet my photographer Helen Russell, that I saw the dress I had had been dreaming of. She had recently been involved in a photo shoot for Mooshki and had a picture of their designer Olivia wearing the signature Ostrich feather dress.

This was my dress !!! …. It was the perfect length and the feathers and underskirt made it exactly the style I’d been searching for.

She told me that it was by a company who made bespoke dresses and my heart sank as I thought there was no way that I could get a bespoke dress with my budget, but when she told me the prices started at £800 so I thought I’d get in touch.

I emailed Vikki and she was in touch straight away with an appointment for me to go for a consultation and the kind of things she’d want to talk about. I got a few images from magazines and the internet of dresses I liked and went along.

We talked for ages about what I wanted-I literally could have had anything. Olivia would draw the sketches based on Vikki’s notes and the dream dress would be mine. I loved the Ostrich feather dress though and luckily Vikki had it hanging up-so I tried it on!

We decided to change a few details so it was more suited to my shape and the sketches were emailed to me in a few days. It was so easy. I got the perfect dress and it was less than I would pay in any shop!

I was so impressed with the service that I advised a friend of mine to give it a go. She has her wedding next year and I can’t wait to see what her dress looks like!

My Mam even decided to have her Mother of the Bride dress made. She wore the most stunning King Fisher Blue dress and got loads of compliments. Again, we’d been shopping for her and could find nothing that was right. She got a dress that fit her perfectly, was exactly what she wanted and was far less than anything she’d seen in a store.

When my dress arrived, Vikki and her Mum, Nana Mooshki went to every effort to make sure the finished item was perfect.

I loved wearing my dress on my wedding day….it was such a fun dress and fit in perfectly with my theme and the feel of the venue. I’m refusing to put it away ! ..-it’s still hanging up on display and I’m trying to think of a reason to wear it again!!

Love it!

Thanks Vikki and House of Mooshki xx

Great big huge hugs and kisses to Laura. We hope she and her new husband have the most fabulous life together. They certainly look like they had a whole heap of fun on their big day. Her mum also looked stunning in her Dupion Silk gown we made her. It fit her like a glove and she looked truely fabulous like all mother of the brides should be.


FOR YOUR FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION TO DESIGN YOUR DREAM GOWN. CONTACT VIKKI ON 0771 444 6155 OR 0191 5260772 and your dream gown is only a sketch away

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Royal Wedding Dress Design……MOOSHKI STYLE


Its the dress design of the year and the one everyone has been waiting to see. Who is the designer ? what will she go for ? … all these questions have been whispered about for months leading up to today….and its finally here….


We had Olivia on standby glued to the TV perched waiting for Kate Middleton to emerge from her car…ready to bring you the Mooshki version of the most talked about dress this year..infact probably this decade.


I see sleeves featuring heavily this coming year which we love here at House of Mooshki and which have already featured in our cute Grace Kelly inspired gown and a return to simple understated regal elegance.

Mooshki royal wedding dress design Kate Royal wedding dress design

If you are looking for a gown just like Kate’s, or you have in your mind exactly what you want…..Dont hesitate to give us a call and we will design it specifically for you. Our dresses start at £699 for a basic dress.

There has never been more reason to have your own couture gown.

Check out our website at House of Mooshki or contact us on 0191 5260772 or my personal mobile 0771 444  6155 to arrange to speak to one of our design team. Our job is to create your dream.


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My Mooshki Story…….So Far

It was a wet miserable morning but I jumped out of bed with excitement. My first wedding fayre as a real life bride. We had not long set the date of our wedding and the excitement was taking over me, I became similar to a hyperactive child.

Johnny, my hubby to be forced himself to get ready as he really wasn’t excited at the prospect of me running around with brochures, leaflets and cakes samples hanging from my mits. But he came along with a smile never the less.

When we arrived at Bridal Gathering, I could see stalls of sparkly things, flowers, dresses, dresses, dresses. I couldn’t wait to have a look around.

The first stand that really grabbed my eye from walking in the door was what looked to me to be very expensive. I thought to myself ‘let’s by pass that one….looks a bit out of my budget’ But as I walked past I couldn’t help but stare in amazement at the dresses that the models were wearing…..I had never seen a wedding dress like that. How different….JUST WHAT I WANT!

So I was introduced to Olivia Wright, the designer for Mooshki. Wow, as soon as I started to tell her my ideas she knew exactly what I wanted, her passion for what she does shone through and I could tell I could trust my wedding dress in her hands.

After the wedding fayre I told everyone who came into contact with me that I had found my dress maker. And before long Vikki from Mooshki was in touch.

I went along to see Vikki, with my mam and my maid of honour and we got cracking with the ideas of what my ideal dress would be like. Vikki told me that she would give my ideas to Olivia and see what she could come up with and email me with the designs. And there, when my emails were next opened, was my dress….MY DRESS! Like nothing I have seen before….Mine, and as beautiful as I had always imagined.

As I would like to decrease in size, width wise, Mooshki will not be taking my measurements until next year but I am one happy Bridezilla knowing that my dress is going to be just perfect.

Thank you Mooshki x x ☺

Our Bride Zara

Our gorgeous bride Zara

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Customer Feedback

We pride ourselves on being able to turn your vision into a reality. Our in house designer Olivia Wright is prepared to work miracles to make sure that what you envisage is what you get. These are some of the remarks we have had recently from some of our brides.

WOW! these are so SO amazing, I love them both! and I can’t believe how quickly you and Olivia got them back to me. They are absolutely perfect.”

” Hi Vikki, wow i love it, its so exciting to see it on paper. It is exactly how i wanted it and the dress overall is how I’ve pictured it in my head! i still cant believe how quickly Olivia and yourself have produced this for me, am so impressed, thank you “

” Hi ya, Ok after looking at the amendments I have 3 words for you

Thank you it is truely stunning…..I can’t stop smiling hehehe

………and last but certainly not least is a fabulous lady called Susan, who was married over the Christmas period in New Zealand. Her request was for a fun short dress and she had taken inspiration from our short ostrich feather gown. The dress was nothing short of stunning…(infact if the truth be known…we didnt want to hand it over…it turned out so gorgeous we wanted to keep it here at Mooshki !! .. but hand it over we did and Susan had the most fabulous day.

Check out the wonderful Joanna Walker’s blog page which featured Susan and Nick’s big day


ps…we did advise her to trim her skirt. It had travelled thousands of miles in a bag for her big day and with it being made of ostrich feathers it was only natural that they were going to be a few out of line after such an eventful journey but didn’t it look amazing !!

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