Laura T

I loved wearing my dress on my wedding day….it was such a fun dress and fit in perfectly with my theme and the feel of the venue. I’m refusing to put it away ! ..-it’s still hanging up on display and I’m trying to think of a reason to wear it again!!

Love it!

Thanks Vikki and House of Mooshki xx

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Real Bride Nadia

“My wedding day was perfect. It took place on the banks of the lake Bolsena in Italy. A beautiful setting with sunshine and clear skies surrounded by our close family and friends and of course- my perfect dress! Thank you House of Mooshki. You saved the day. I would definitely recommend you to any brides looking for something unique created by lovely, reliable people who deliver great results”

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Real Bride Terianne

I absolutely LOVE the design and am so excited about wearing the dress on my wedding day. Thank you so much Vikki, and thanks to both you and Olivia for making this so enjoyable and stress-free for me x Once again, thank you for all your help, and olivia has been amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished dress now!

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Hi Vikki,

Thanks to both you and Olivia for getting back to me so fast! I have been so excited all day so to receive the sketches tonight was a wonderful surprise!

I love what Olivia has sent me so far, I think you have both really understood what I wanted.
I love the lace samples attached and also the broach detail on the other picture attached! Very excited and cant wait to see more!

Thank you both very much for your help so far!

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


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Hi Vikki,

I would like to commend you for your professional way of dealing with brides, particularly me. As expected, I was very nervous and agitated about my dress, but you completely blew my mind away with your kindness and polite nature, someone seeing us chat would think that we were old friends.

The whole step of choosing a dress, offering your kind pieces of advise through to the dress delivery were indeed remarkable. I am usually hard to please, but I found that I could not find a single fault with the dress especially when the timeline was short. The dress turned out absolutely gorgeous, more than I even expected and the price was affordable.

Thank you Vikki for making me feel like a princess.

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Nicola K

Hi Vikki

The dress and cape are beyond what I could have imagined and I have a VERY fertile imagination. I’m amazed. I’m stunned. I’m beyond happy and I’m very VERY grateful to you and Olivia and Kathryn. I know it sounds quite cheesy and cliché and you’ve heard it before, but you really do make people’s dreams come true. I’ve told you before that because of who I am the dress finding and trying on was something I was dreading. It’s supposed to be the best part for a bride isn’t it? I was quite convinced that I was never going to find anything that was going to be ME.

I was convinced that I would have to settle for something that wasn’t really going to be MY perfect wedding dress. I was right. I wasn’t ever going to find it. It didn’t exist. Thanks to you I didn’t find it but had it created for me. How am I ever supposed to make sure that you know exactly what you’ve done for me? You’ve given me exactly what I never thought possible and what I always should have had…the perfect dress for me, in every way. It’s stunning. It’s me. It’s worth every penny and nobody else on this planet is going to have it.

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