Victoria E

Vikki I love it!!! I really do. Had a really good look and cant see anything I would want to change. Its like you guys got into my head saw what I wanted and perfected it!!

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Wwaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I am possibly the most excited girl in the world after seeing these!! Thankyou so much Vikki they look perfect! I’m still not sure whether to go with the lace along the bottom or not but obviously we have plenty of time to make a decision about that. Thank Olivia for me too! Over the moon!


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Natalie M

Ahhhh vikki, I absolutely adore it!!!
I can’t believe it…it’s like she’s in my head.

So what’s the next steps in regards to pricing?

Thanks so much!

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hi vikki, wow i love it, its so exciting to see it on paper. how i wanted it and the dress overall is how i’ve pictured it in my head! i still cant believe how quickly olivia and yourself have produced this for me, am so impressed, thank you, x

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Hi ya
Ok after looking at the amendments I have 3 words for you


Thank you it is truely stunning…..I can’t stop smiling hehehe

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