Royal Wedding Dress Design……MOOSHKI STYLE


Its the dress design of the year and the one everyone has been waiting to see. Who is the designer ? what will she go for ? … all these questions have been whispered about for months leading up to today….and its finally here….


We had Olivia on standby glued to the TV perched waiting for Kate Middleton to emerge from her car…ready to bring you the Mooshki version of the most talked about dress this year..infact probably this decade.


I see sleeves featuring heavily this coming year which we love here at House of Mooshki and which have already featured in our cute Grace Kelly inspired gown and a return to simple understated regal elegance.

Mooshki royal wedding dress design Kate Royal wedding dress design

If you are looking for a gown just like Kate’s, or you have in your mind exactly what you want…..Dont hesitate to give us a call and we will design it specifically for you. Our dresses start at £699 for a basic dress.

There has never been more reason to have your own couture gown.

Check out our website at House of Mooshki or contact us on 0191 5260772 or my personal mobile 0771 444  6155 to arrange to speak to one of our design team. Our job is to create your dream.


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